Stock Levels

We are a small family business with limited resources so, at the moment, we are not trying to provide stock control in the shop. With nearly 350 species for sale it would simply take too much time to count the stock and their quantities and upload it to the shop, and even if we did we would have to track the manual sales and constantly adjust what the shop reported as available stock.

So for the time being stock is 'unlimited' in the shop. So whilst this means that you can seemingly order pretty much any plant and in any quantity, please bear in mind that those plants and those quantities may not be available.

Once your order arrives we will check the actual availability of your order - we would be doing this even if stock control was in place - and we will get back to you if there are any problems fulfilling it.

You will find some plants that are marked as 'out of stock' and therefore not available to order. We will do our best to flag out of stock plants.

Also apologies for the lack of plant images, like stock control, it's a major undertaking for me to take photos of all our plants when they are at their best and get them onto the website - and some varieties will change every year. If the shop is successful this will be an ongoing task.

We would also like to provide more details on the plant itself, but again this is going to take time. Please bear with us. You can always Google the plant name if you are unsure about its habit or looks.


Browse for your Plants

If you know what you are looking for you can use the various categories listed to locate the plants required. Once found you can then add them to your basket. 


Search for your Plants

You can use the Search option on the menu to find what you are looking for:


Using the Basket

As you add items to your basket the Basket is empty text (above the menu) will change to show the current number of items and cost, like 2 items for £ 15.00 for example. To see what's in the basket hover your mouse over this text and the basket will appear alongside.

You can click the Checkout button on the displayed basket or click elsewhere on the screen and the basket will disappear - you may want to continue shopping. While the basket is visible you can also update quantities or delete items not required. You can also simply click on the 2 items for £ 15.00 text and you will be taken to the Checkout immediately. You can also choose to exit the checkout process at any point and return to the shop by using the Continue Shopping button on the left.