Christmas Greetings from Helen at Peake Perennials Nursery

Peake Perennials Newsletter 26 June 2019
Hello Visitor

Just to say Hi as we near the end of yet another year. It's been a busy and enjoyable year here at the Nursery, lots of challenges!

The nursery is now closed until 1st February 2019 but a big thank you to those of you who brought their custom to us, please continue spreading the word and come back next year to see the changes we're making and all the new and exciting stock.

As always keep an eye on the website to see what's happening at the  Nursery, updated plant lists and which shows we'll be attending next year. Early days yet but we're already booking events from March onwards. We'll be in touch as they start to fill out.

That's about it really so all that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may 2019 bring you much joy and happiness in your gardens.


Hope to see you in the New Year at the Nursery.


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